All about DDoS

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service.  In today’s highly innovative technology, computer system and other electronic transmission of data could be attacked by DDoS.  This is commonly called as DDoS attack.  It is an attempt to interrupt the transmission of data from one system to another.  This is of course being done by perpetrators […]

Cooling Dog Beds

If you are a person that takes time to think about your dog, then you need to think about the summer seasons that are around the corner. During this season you will notice your dog moving around your compound or house looking for a cool place to lie. You might be thinking, “Then what should […]

Allergic to dogs

Allergic to dogs? Chin up and beat it! Allergies to dogs are essentially similar to all other allergies, and are equally notorious. They are predominated by the same typical features of stuffy and runny nose, watery and blood-shot eyes, bronchospasm, sneezing and wheezes, along with the endless itching all over the skin if hives take […]